Senior Sessions

Welcome to the most sought after Senior picture experience!  And Congratulations!  You are going to be a SENIOR!  Woot, Woot! These are exciting times for not only you, but your parents too, and now it's time for those once in a lifetime senior portraits.


In talking to lots and lots of seniors, the one thing they all have in common, is that they don't want their portraits to look like they were shot in the same cookie cutter way as their peers. They want to look different and I sure can't blame them.  I would want something that's unique to me too.  So, I take the time in the initial consultation to find out just exactly what makes you, you.  At the initial consult with the student and parents, I really work to get a sense of the senior's likes, dislikes, hobbies, sports or music they are involved in, etc. If you want your cool car included in the action, we will work that in as well.  If you already have a location picked out for your session, that's cool too!  We will probably go to more than one place depending on the type and length of session chosen.  Don't forget, we offer a session add on for "Extreme Seniors" for an additional 30 minutes inside the studio for a montage of you in your sports attire to create shots that are put together in the final editing, to make a composite of one large metal print.  And to make it even more of an experience that you'll never forget, we will even do a destination shoot.  It could be Iceland!  Yep.  That's right.  We could create something epic that you will never forget!

You'll want to bring 3 to 7 outfits to change your look for the location session.  I bring along a portable, collapsible changing booth that provides complete privacy.  No worries.

With that, below are some very helpful tips I've put together that will definitely be informative to make your session a success!


Before your Session: Choose your clothing and accessories for your session.  Even though it is fun to go shopping, you would be surprised how much great stuff you already have in your closet.

Collect ideas from magazines and friends photos that capture some fun ideas you would like to try.  Even though I may not do the exact same thing, it gives me a great idea of what you love and your personality.  After all, these are YOUR portraits and they should scream YOU!

Cut and style your hair and do your make-up as your normally would.  This is not the time to try new styles and looks!  If we are shooting a stylized shoot, then we have a hair and make-up person to handle that.  If you are splitting your session for different hair looks and are going to a salon make sure you coordinate your appointments to give you plenty of time.

Don't spend too much time in the sun tanning.  You risk getting burned or causing tan lines which are not pretty.  There are extensive retouching fees to eliminate tan lines.  Also, dark tans do not look appealing in photos.  It is nice to have some color, but don't overdo it.  Same, or worse, for "tan in a bottle" or spray tans. You may look great with one of these products, generally, but in portraits, not so.  Your natural look is truly best.

The day of your session:  Arrive on time with your clothes ironed and hanging on hangers with coordinating accessories and shoes.  Love fun tennies, boots and heels.  Don't forget scarves, hats, and sporting equipment or hobby stuff.  It's better to bring extra, than to forget something.

Bring your ideas that you have collected!

After your session:  We will make an appointment for you to view your senior slideshow about 2 weeks after your session. Decision makers on purchases are required to attend.  We will allow about 1-2 hours for the slideshows and ordering.  At that time, we will put together your choices for your order, and payment in full, will be required at that time.

Depending on print type choices, orders may take up to 6 weeks.

Make-Up Tips:  We like your make-up to be as natural as possible.  This is not the time to cake it on, even if you are used to wearing a lot of make-up.  A matte foundation is a must for a flawless look.

Please do not wear a lot of eyeliner.  It makes your eyes look black.  I cannot retouch too much eyeliner, so use it sparingly. Your eyes are the most important feature and part of the image and we want to see them!

Well groomed brows go a long way!  (guys too!)

Don't be afraid to put a little color on the apple of your cheeks. It gives you a fresh glow and will brighten up your face.

Use a little gloss on your lips.  It gives them a youthful look.

What should I wear?  Bring a variety of clothing.  Think about the different sets you chose and find outfits that will fit those sessions.  Think about different seasons.  Don't think that just because it's summer, that you can't bring a great sweater or fun jackets and scarves.

Long sleeves are best.  If a lot of upper arm shows, it will be distracting to the face.

I love layers and textures.  Have fun with your outfits.  An old prom dress to have fun in (or you can get a cheap one at Goodwill to trash) and some trendy, funky tennies with it are fun photos. Show off your hobby or interest, couture or vogue looks.

Girls, make sure you bring appropriate undergarments for each outfit.  Strapless nude bras are your friend!  Try on your outfits before your session so that you know everything fits right.

Guys, please bring dark t-shirts to wear under dark shirts and light t-shirts to wear under light shirts.  The contrasting t-shirt does not look good and is distracting.  Please come shaven. And, in case you didn't read the make-up tips, well groomed brows go a long way for guys too.  Again, make sure your clothes are ironed and you bring different shoes to match your outfits.

What should I avoid?  Please stay away from wild or loud contrasting patterns such as strips and bold patterns.  It is very distracting to your face.  Same goes for t-shirts with large graphics.

Girls, please avoid short shorts and short skirts.  I do a lot of variety posing and these will only limit yourself if you choose to wear them.

Girls, if you are "blessed" or just don't want to show cleavage, PLEASE do not wear low cut shirts.  We will do a lot of poses where you are leaning forward.  It will be additional retouching to fix cleavage.  Additionally, your school yearbook department probably has certain guidelines pertaining to this as well.

Avoid tight fitting or wrinkled clothes as neither will look good in portraits and are difficult to retouch.

Girls, avoid tight cap or short sleeves and tanks if possible.  No matter how thin you are, everyone's upper arm is as large as their face and can be distracting in a photograph.

VERY IMPORTANT...for girls with deep side parts.  If your hair is in your face, your eyes will not show in your photos.  It is important that you come with your hair styled so we can see your eyes.  You can use a bit of hairspray to help.  It is very time consuming to constantly be fixing your hair during the session.

Retouching policies:  Consider the following information on our retouching policies.  It may come in handy to avoid any unnecessary retouching charges later.


(included with all images ordered)

Blemish removal, brighten eyes & smiles, light flyaways, under-eye circles and contrast.


(additional charge per image)

Figure reshaping, clothing fixes, tan line removal, major blemish removal and major hair fixes.