Pregnancy Portrait Session Information

YAY!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I'm so happy for you.  If you are on this page of PeggySuz Studio, maternity photography Denver, you have some questions about maternity portraits and I hope this helps.  Below, is some information that will hopefully answer those questions and help you plan ahead to schedule your portrait session at just the right time and stage of your pregnancy.

When is a good time to schedule a session?  When your belly is nice and round around 28-34 weeks.  This, of course, could vary, given that we are all unique and special.  Some women will not gain very much weight or carry smallish and for those types, they might want to choose the time around 36-38 weeks.  You still want to feel good, have a round belly, but definitely before the baby "drops" lower.  Be sure to schedule at least 2 weeks in advance of that window described above.  I will do my best to get you in the studio if you didn't plan in advance or changed your mind and decided having pregnancy portraits at the last minute.  Give me a call as soon as you can before you POP!

Should I ask my OBGYN about the risks of a portrait session?  Definitely!  You should make sure your Dr. knows you are planning a session.  A blessing from Dr. is suggested, though not required.  Posing has been known to trigger labor on occasion so knowing this going in is important.  Especially, if your lifestyle is typically not very active.

Can I have my session on location?  Absolutely!  You may choose to have your session either in my studio, your home, or at an outside location of your choice.

What should I wear for the session?  I do have some beautiful gowns, lacy robe, long flowing silks, and bandeaus, that are available for your use for the session.  You can visit my Pinterest page at to view all the gowns I own.  Each item is always washed and cleaned after every session with dye free detergent. If you would also like to use your own personal clothing choices, I will consult with you on what to bring as well as email you with additional suggestions.

For male partners, I suggest solid and simple clothing.  This will also be covered in the consultation as well as for any siblings that will be in the session.

I don't want to have "those" nude ones!  Nudity is always optional.  All portraits are respectfully photographed in good taste, and if nudity is requested, it is discreet and tasteful.  I will make sure you are comfortable with the various poses and your session is tailored to your needs.

What about my hair and makeup?  Makeup and hair styling are available for an additional charge and do require two weeks advance booking to allow for availability of these additional staff.

How long is a session?  Sessions usually last approximately one to one and 1/2 hours.

Should I book the newborn session at the time of my pregnancy session?  Yes, you should definitely schedule that at the end of your pregnancy session.

How long before I can see my portraits after the session? At the completion of your pregnancy session, we will schedule the ordering appointment for no later than 1 week from your session where, at that time you will come in to choose and order your pregnancy portraits.  I do require that all decision makers must be present at this appointment.