Newborn Session Information


Now, your new journey begins and what better way than with a newborn photography professional portrait session to document your newborn's first week(s) that will be showcased with beautiful archival artwork that will last a lifetime!

That's right.  I did say first week with (s) there at the end of that.  I'll just kick off this Q&A session with the answer to this first question of

"When is the best time to have my newborn photographed?"  The preferred time for the sleeping, manageable (usually), newborn is between 6-10 days after birth. Closer to 6 days rather than 10 is better for those popular shots. Of course, this can and will differ with each and every baby. Some have colic from their first day and for others, like the "box of chocolates" you just never know what you're going to get.  I do my best to prepare mom and dad for the day of the session with all of the information I can for a successful session via a checklist of things that I email to them.

What should I bring?  In the email I will be sending to you; this will cover that as well.  If it's important to you, to show your family interests, then some things that clients should start thinking about long before the session, are the props that are part of their personal story as a family.  Fireman helmet, fishing gear, hunting gear, climbing ropes and/or gear, favorite football team attire or props, military items, etc.  If that's isn't your thing and you just want to keep it simple, that's fine too.  I have a nice selection of wraps, props and cute furniture too.  Just think about your story, your home decor, where you will be displaying your heirloom portraits and how it will all tie in.  The more thought that goes in to this in advance, the happier you will be that you planned it.  Don't worry, I'm here to guide you through this process as well.

In my studio, I keep a supply of spare diapers, hand sanitizer, "chucks," wipes, cloth diapers for burping, a "Boppy" (the cover is washed in between sessions), changing pads, and receiving blankets.  I also have a portable electric heater to keep baby warm during the session and play white noise during the entire session.

I supply snacks and drinks.

Do we have to have the session in your studio? Of course not.  I will come to your home if that is what you prefer.  I have portable studio flashes that can travel with me and I will do my best to integrate natural light as best as I can, within your surroundings. A visit to your home a week or so prior to your session will be required to enable me to plan accordingly with equipment and your space allowed, etc.

How long does a session take?  Sessions for newborns can take between 3-4 hours.  Since working around baby's feeding schedule is the key, the session is pretty much dictated by that. Sometimes babies are fussy no matter what, and nothing helps. This can delay the session as well.  In the case of the fussy babies, the more creative poses are not possible.

Most of the time, I do not shoot with an assistant, though I have found that while mom is resting during the shoot, the significant other is usually more than happy to assist me and also be a "spotter."

It is my desire to make this a memorable day for you and not too stressful.  Just remember, if you follow my guidelines to the "T," the session will be that much more successful.

What about siblings?  The newborn's siblings are an important part of the portraits as well.  In order to be able to "get the shot," of the newborn, I shoot as many as possible and quickly, and then integrate the sibling(s) in at random times. Towards the end of the session is when the parents and then entire family are integrated in to the sets.

What about multiples?  Of course I do multiples (twins, triplets, etc.) sessions.  I do need advance booking for these as I do try to hire an assistant for these.  For obvious reasons, multiples sessions can take longer so, expect the session to be possibly longer than a normal session.